BadCube - OTS-08 Sunsurge,BadCube
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BadCube - OTS-08 Sunsurge

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By BadCube

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1. Robot and super car mode scale very well with his brother 

2. Fully painted 
3. Clear windshield on parts of the robot chest 
4. pvc tyres and side mirrors [removable tyres] 
5. Two sets of alternative Rims , Intake, Spoiler included [a Chrome + a painted Silver set] 
6. Chrome hand missiles x 2

Other figures sold separately

Customer Reviews
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  • ByJas***
  • Newcomer
  • Oct 11, 2017
This is Sunstreaker.  He has great articulation and is just a fun toy.

Transformation back to car mode can be tricky.  Like all BadCube products, it is all in getting the knees figured out.

From pictures of the upcoming MP-39, I think that this toy looks better from the sides.  The Masterpiece looks too fat for being Sunstreaker (a character who I always considered to be sleek).

The feet are the only complaint that I have.  The tires make posing a little more challenging.  He can get whatever pose you want; you just need to play with getting the feet level once you choose how you want him to stand.

  • ByJas***
  • Newcomer
  • Jul 29, 2017
I love this version of Sunstreaker.  I know that with the upcoming Takara release people are jumping ship on this one.  However, in a lot of ways, this is the superior toy.  The Takara version looks fat.  Sunstreaker is a sleek robot, and BadCube gets this right.

Here is what I see from the pics of MP-39 compared to BadCubes Sunsurge:

Pros MP-39:
Much better feet
Some better leg possibility
Pop-up headlights in car mode
Cleaner backpack
No split in hood (can fit a larger autobot symbol)
Gun storage on back/ leg "holster"
2nd gun

Pros Sunsurge:
Lots of chrome
Thinner profile
Nicer head sculpt
More pronounced jetpack
Lower price
Slimmer looking chest
Hand missiles

Overall, the feet and gun storage are the biggest advantages for me for MP-39. However, the overall robot aesthetic of Sunsurge (looking more sleek, as Sunstreker should) make it the winner for me.