THF-04 Toy House Factory Ultra Magnus,THF-Toy House Factory
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THF-04 Toy House Factory Ultra Magnus

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  • ByWil***
  • Newcomer
  • Oct 03, 2018
As some one who wants masterpiece figures, but is on a budget I don't mind going the KO route. This Ultra Magnus KO is another awesome addition to my shelf. Only Issues I had were the one wiper on the cab was loose, and the tabs to hold the arms in vehicle mode are a little big. Both easy fixes, I just super glued the peg of the wiper and sanded the tabs down. Definitely recommend for those who don't want to spend $250+ on the official figure.

  • ByAlb***
  • Senior Member
  • Sep 28, 2018
THF-04 Hyper Magnum is easily tied for 1st in the worst QC quality of any piece I own. I am very disapointed in this piece. I spent 45 min fixing both knee ratchets. Niether one was lined up correctly and niether would click. The paint is very poorly applied on this piece. Very sloppy. Many lines are not sharp.  Also, some areas are over sprayed while others need another coat. The colour underneath shows through. A big blob of white paint was left on the chest area, which I had to scrape off. The worst QC problem is on the cab area. It looks like some blue or silver was over sprayed onto the white, and It was "fixed" by someone using a brush to cover the screw up with white paint. Needless to say it looks awefull! I am surprised this one was allowed to leave the factory. I will have to think hard before I buy another THF piece. I was very pleased with thier soundwave and megatron, but this one is a BIG disapointment. This one was sealed from the factory so is not the fault TFDirect. They have always been excellent with shipping and customer service! Overall, you might wanna give the 4th party KO a try before this one.