Free shipping! KuBianBao MP10-V Optimus Prime,KBB-KuBianBao
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Free shipping! KuBianBao MP10-V Optimus Prime

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  • ByLen***
  • Newcomer
  • Dec 01, 2017
Just awesome!!!! Very happy

  • ByMP-***
  • Nov 02, 2017
I saw the reviews, thought it through, and ordered it, What an incredible idea, making it voyager scale was what so many fans wanted and needed to compliment our CHUGs. It's slightly simplified, and the leg length is more like the G1 animation than the shorter proportions of MP-10. And he looks great with MP-10's rifle too; All we need is a voyager-scaled Megatron, My dream list of MP voyagers would also include Soundwave, Shockwave, and Blaster, in that order. lol  Please, more MP-Voyagers, you make 'em, we'll buy'em.

  • By ***
  • Mar 09, 2017
Having already bougth MPP-10 I decided to get this one since it is voyager size so I could have it with the TITANS RETURN line since the Optimus they released was weak (Hasbro I'm looking at you) Im more than happy with it they did a great job with this piece, I higfly recommend it, The package took a bit long to get to me but it was more than worth the wait. Thank You TF-DIRECT will do more business with you guys.

  • ByMy ***
  • Sep 24, 2016
KBB MP10-V is my absolute favorite Optimus Prime figure and I have a lot of them. He is solidly built, with stiff joints and a ton of accessories. He is based on a slightly simplified MP-10 mold, but even though a few details were changed to fit the smaller size his appearance doesn't suffer, he look amazing!

Personally I really like the way MP10-V scales with the Masterpiece cars, MP-10 always seems too massive to display next to Prowl or Sideswipe. MP10-V looks great, he is taller but feels like he is in scale. MP10-V scales really well against MP Bumblebee who seems like an infant next to MP-10.

For comparison I own MP-10, MP-01, WeiJiang MPP-10, WeiJiang M01, THS-02. MP10-V.

I like this figure so much I bought a second one for my desk at work! I highly recommend picking up at least one if you are a fan of G1 Transformers or Optimus Prime.