FREE SHIPPING!Pick 3 from MasterPiece Transformer Lambors and Niss-ans,KO
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FREE SHIPPING!Pick 3 from MasterPiece Transformer Lambors and Niss-ans

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KO Version

Free Shipping via Economic Package.

KO MP30 is available now!

MP17/CP17, CP12 will restock in the middle of May, 2017

Out of stock: MP17/CP17, CP12, CP12T , C/MP27

Remark in your order which three items you want from below items (All KO Version)

Due to copy right concerns, the manufacturer is unable to use the exact name: TAKARA TOMY, instead, they named it: TAKASA TONY, but they are exactly the same items ( same qualification as before)

(All KO Version)

 CP12   CP12T   MP12G    CP14   CP17    CP18   MP18B  MP18S    CP19   CP20  CMP21  CP23  CP25  CP26 CP27  MP28  MP30

Missile Launcher  ($4.95)  is free when you order MP-17 /18

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  • ByFre***
  • Jan 14, 2017
Great deal if you couldn't get some of the official licensed masterpieces, or just want some masterpieces to play with without worrying about damaging them. Comes very, very, very well packaged, adds to the fun of unpacking! Shipping (to Germany) was exceptionally fast, 4 days from shipping notice to delivery! Build quality depends on your selection, for my choices I thought overall very good: - MP-20 is fantastic, solid, great weight, good paint, rubber tires! - MP-18 is great, very nice silver paint, good joints, everything fits. - MP-14 is good, some very minor paint flaws, some tabs didn't fit but that's very fixable with a knife or a nail file. In summary a great bundle and worth the price!