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By THF (Toy House Factory)

Leader class, it stands tall about 9''


THF MP-13 Masterpiece Soundwave includes Laserbeak and be capable of carrying up to 5+1 cassettes!

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  • ByJus***
  • VIP Member
  • Sep 02, 2017
Great figure for the price. Quality is really good. Some joints are a bit loose but doesn't really effect pose ability / playability. Transformation is easy and smooth. Cassettes transform really nicely but can be a bit fiddly due to their small size, again some loose joints on them but nothing that will limit pose ability.Would highly recommend for the collector on a budget.

  • ByTol***
  • Junior Member
  • Jun 20, 2017
Immediately when it came I saw that the left arm /chest tab was either broken off or wasn't properly formed in the mold, leaving a gap and the arm turned backward a touch. I was able to press it in and use the rest of the part to wedge it into place. When you transform this side into cassette player mode however, it fits in smoothly. The right side which has the correct tab is the reverse in cassette player mode and you have to wedge it in at an angle preventing the front of the player from being flush.

It comes with all six(6) cassettes which is a great value. Some of the tolerances again where very tight or very loose. laser beak had a loose foot, and buzzsaw was pretty much fine. Rumble ( blue) had loose arms, and frenzy ( red) arms were fine. Boths legs were hit or miss and their waists ( you pull up) were floppy.  Ratbat was actually a really nice transformation and ravage was OK.

Soundwaves gun doesn't tab into his back very well in player mode, and only fits in his right hand in gun mode. His head is a little loose, but there is a point midway when you tilt it up, that it holds. Soundwave comes with a little "scanner" attachment for his hand, that is also supposed to attach to his leg in cassette mode and look like a battery pack, when you combine Rumble and frenzies pile drivers, but the scanner does not attach because the holes are too small on it or the leg pegs are too wide on Soundwave.

I must admit, when I put him in robot mode with his gun in his right hand, megatron in his left and his head tilted slightly up with the cannon, I liked the look of the figure. I was a little disappointed that at this price point, 100$, it wasn't a little more sound on the QC.

Watching reviews I see that the official Takara is not perfect either, so I only took one star off the overall rating. It possible, I will attach pictures later.