KO MP-27 - Masterpiece Ironhide,KO
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KO MP-27 - Masterpiece Ironhide

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KO Version

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Comes with “TAKARA TOMY MP27” as the original version.





Customer Reviews
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  • ByJas***
  • Newcomer
  • Jul 29, 2017
I have handled both the Takara version and the KO, and I ended up purchasing the KO.

The plastic on both is very close, and the Takara version's shoulders are bad because the original design installed the ratchets upside down.  The KO fixed this problem.

The Takara version's paint is a little glossier, but that is the only Takara advantage, and this is not noticeable unless you have both side by side.

For the price and build quality, the KO wins hands down.

  • Bywtc***
  • Nov 20, 2016
I have purchased a few Takara Masterpieces and the quality of this knock off rivals the official products. I am very pleased with it.