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KO Version

Figure and accessories should be the same with official one.

*Please kindly note that the arm cannon on this figure includes the battery, we will open the box to remove it before we ship your package to avoid the customs issue. 

If you do mind we opening your package, please leave a message in your order and we won't open. Thanks.*


Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • ByBla***
  • Nov 29, 2017
This is the perfect solution for those who have bought the official piece but don't want to transform him out of fear of scuffing the paint! This KO (which is a 3rd of the cost of the official) offers pretty much the same quality as the official. So get the KO and transform away, while keeping your Official piece minty and in box!

  • Byted***
  • Junior Member
  • Nov 29, 2017
very good ko,the figure is a nice representation of  the mighty megatron,he scales well with optimus,and starsceam,the only complaint i have is that there are a lot of spruce marks on him.the die-cast in the feet is a nice touch,it helps him plant his feet solidly on whatever surface you use.he is a great deal for the money,and as good,if not better in some ways,than the "official" version.my self i am glad i got him ,thank you.

  • ByCra***
  • Junior Member
  • Nov 26, 2017
I am a Transformers fan from the 80's and i've been collecting masterpiece figures for a while because of the nostalgia factor of finally having poseable figures that look like their cartoon version and transform realistically.  I have to say the MP-36 version of Megatron might be the best one to date because of the intricacy of the transformation, the look and feel in both robot and gun mode, and the accessories it comes with. If you are a fan of Megatron, this is definitely the figure to get.  The KO is a third of the cost of the Takara original and makes it an affordable way to get this figure, while sacrificing little in quality (some paint blemishes and a few plastic burrs were the only problems I could find).  You won't get much resale value out of this but if you want a great figure for your desk or your shelf, or just to play with, I recommend this.  TF Direct is a great place to buy Transformers, their customer service is excellent and always helpful.

  • ByMe***
  • Nov 21, 2017
While for the most part this KO is nicely solid, there are a few hiccups that are (mostly) excusable considering it's KO status. The red paint applications are a bit shoddy (nothing that can't be fixed with a touch of paint), a couple of hinge pins tend to slide out and obstruct them from fitting during transformation; I had to cut a small pivot out of the plastic to accommodate it. Biggest gripe: The damaged face won't fit onto the head. The positioning of the part when trying to attach makes it impossible to see where the problem lies and this is frustrating particularly when I want to pair it with the damaged chest. As per usual KO expectations a good number of joints are too loose or too tight which results in wear marks on the innocent plastic around them.