KuBianBao KBB Conehead MP11NT THRUST,KBB-KuBianBao
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KuBianBao KBB Conehead MP11NT THRUST

Item Code: KBB-Conehead-MP11NT
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  • Bysea***
  • Dec 23, 2016
This item is great. its not without its flaws though, the major concern being for me was the same issue seen in the bens collectables video, which was with the wing hinge that flips up. unfortunately my fix for this was to have to stick a penknife blade in and wiggle it a bit to free it up and give it some clearance. aside from that, if you enjoy the darker tones of this fig, and like the look of the igear version (which is not as available) then definitely get this. its solid in both bot and jet mode, there are no open panels at all, and the inclusion of various die cast parts as well, the best bit of which are the leg sections which is new to any seeker/conehead mould and gives it great balance when standing without the stand. great addition to any masterpiece collection, although not if you are a cartoon accurate fanatic.