TF DreamFactory GOD-08 Starscream MPM01 Color scheme,New arrival
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TF DreamFactory GOD-08 Starscream MPM01 Color scheme

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By TF Dream factory

Restore the correct leader size.

Adding the jet, bandsaw, movable fingers, fixing the common issue in original ver.

Prototype images, the final product may vary.


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  • ByHiN***
  • VIP Member
  • Oct 03, 2018
So the TF DreamFactory Starscream repaint is shall I say lackluster compared to the upcoming Black Mamba which from a video review I saw is way ahead in terms of paint apps.

Its still a nice piece compared to the two tone plastic used by the Hasbro version. The Cameo application is nice although a tad too dark. What is missing is more of the paint detail on the Wired parts. It has it on the forearms but I think it lacks paint. Since this is basically a KO upscaled of the original Voyager sans the electronics Weijang could have added some silver accents. The head looks so dull and boring. They could have even updated the paint apps on the external boosters, like some carbon scaring or even painted the jet fans on the boosters. I saw the comparison between the Black Mamba and this one and the BM blows this thing out of the water. I still like it but this should have sold for like 50 bucks.

Build Material : I cant tell. There seemed to be some mold release oil on it. It didnt feel pleasant!. It seems pretty much the same plastic. Its a tad lighter than the original. I was sad to see there was no Metal anywhere. Just seems rushed from Weijang that has some real wins. I

Paint Apps: This is a hard one. Now that I have reference to the Black Mamba one, this is piss poor. The head just looks really really cheap without the mat silver accents. The purple on the gills just really off on the original mold plastic color. An amateur could have painted this better. There are parts where silver is used and not required like under the wings. WHY? Your never going to pose it from the back so much. Why not add it in the Torso and head. Makes no sense. But I can also say the Painting is pretty much all over the body in where it is the planes cameo patterns. That is done very very well. THe original had parts of brown plastic which was weird looking. There are some great Jet Booster paint apps. Nice gold.

Build Quality: Whats to say. Its a oversized knockoff. It has the detents where its required. They could have added improvements. Would have been nice to add hand digit articulation.

Not Recommended. I would say the biggest knock is the lack of paint apps Lack of paint apps on the boosters, head, torso, Pistons. Ugh. The cost would have been minimal and I am sure people would have paid a little more because I still feel this is a great mold