THF-02 Transformers Deluxe Leadfoot (Movie 3 Dark of The Moon) KO DA34,THF-Toy House Factory
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THF-02 Transformers Deluxe Leadfoot (Movie 3 Dark of The Moon) KO DA34

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  • ByPlu***
  • Jun 15, 2017
DOTM Leadfoot was never released in this version in the USA, and barely in Japan, making it a very rare transformer indeed.  This is pretty much the exact release version in quality and content, so it's a very good knockoff that fulfills a very much needed empty space in one's movie TF collection.

It comes in a box with decent art and the name Plumb.  Those who remember their Latin will make the connection that refers to Lead (Plumbum = Lead) so the name is actually pretty decent.  In the box is a sturdy clamshell containing the toy in car mode, the Mechtech weapon, and the five other small weapons.  Car mode looks great and scales perfectly with the other movie Deluxe cars.  The stock-car tampos are good for the most part but there is an egregious misspelling of 'Energizer' on the rear bumper.  Apart from that, it's all good - the Target logo, arguably the most important deco, is nicely done on the hood.  Everything fits together well and the car rolls fine.

Transformation is needlessly complex, but that's how the original is.  Everything looks and feels great in this release, nice tight joints, and good quality plastic.  

If you are still missing that Leadfoot from your DOTM deluxe collection, or just like the movie toys aesthetic (weaponized cars are cool at any rate) this is your perfect opportunity to get DOTM Leadfoot for a virtual song.