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By Unique Toys

War Lord is the combiner of 5 individual figures, and is to scale with Hercules or similarly sized 3rd party combiners. 

Note: Set includes all 5 figures, 4 of them with box, expect for War Hawk. War Hawk will be individually wrapped to prevent any damage in shipping

Included in this set is the following figures:
- UT-W01 War Hawk (Note: No card/instructions inluded for war hawk)
- UT-W02 War Rhino
- UT-W03 War Bison
- UT-W04 War Panther
- UT-W05 War Leo Sharp Claw



Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • ByLit***
  • Jun 27, 2017
While the price is immensly good for a combiner of this size, the individuals parts that are the Predacons are not very good. The plastic is rather cheap looking, the heads of each Predacon in robot mode is poorly designed and painted, and transforming some of them was a royal pain due to very stiff joints, as well the paint applications being rather sloppy at certain spots, especially the gold paint, which has not been properly painted over all surfaces (some area's are less gold than others, and there are some specks of gold paint at random spots on some of the Predacons).

Transforming all the Predacons into Predaking was a frustrating and painful challenge, because Tantrum's peg that goes into the leg of Razorclaw was stuck so severely I had to use pliers and a screwdriver to pry it out. Resulting in a peg that has been warped, nicked and damaged. It is a miracle it still even fit into its slot. Headstrong's peg was a bit easier to move, but even that required a screwdriver and some very pained fingers afterwards.

After making Divebomb into an arm, forcing his peg to go into Predaking's shoulder took so much effort and strength that it is now stuck in there, impossible to remove. The joint still works, the arm can rotate freely, but there is no chance in hell this combiner will ever be seperated into all its individuals components ever again. Unless I break Divebomb's peg off.

The Predaking figure itself looks nice, even though he suffers from weak hip joints (he lurches and falls forward if you are not careful) and his arms cannot retain a horizontal pose while holding a weapon (both the gun and the sword), as the weight pulls them down. Predaking's head is on very loosely, if you pick him up and hold him diagonally, it can just fall off.

The large wings that go on Predaking's back once more required a lot of force to get slotted, and I can barely take it off. The tips of the wings are as sharp as cactus needles, so buyer beware!

Conclusion: Buy it, build it, put it on display behind glass and never touch it.