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First Gokin Digimons Duke-X

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  • ByAma***
  • VIP Member
  • Aug 13, 2018
This 3rd Party Digimon figure is a very good addition to the collectors that follow Digimon or just like cool looking Mechs.

I only followed Digimon from the first season and that was very long ago. So I am not to familiar with this character. I am not sure how accurate to the LineArt it is, I am sure I will get trolled for not knowing. Regardless, the design is stellar. One thing to keep in mind is that there are a lot of fine tipped points on which it can easily break. IE. The Horns on the head have broken on my figure. Easily fixed with Crazy Glue. So be very careful

It comes in two boxes, Most likely to avoid IP laws. One box has the hands and accessories including the shoulder armor and Heads. When you pull out the toy from the box from its captive plastic tray prison you will find it to have odd grey arms and head. You need to swap them out for the correct arms, head and armor. Those pieces can be used for master made figures-Bizarre-maybe related companies or designers. You need to care when popping on the head and arms. Head due to the horns and the arms because the ball joints move around. You will hear a nice click when they do. You will need to add the clear blue pieces as well.

The figure overall holds an awesome presence. The Cape has a wire lead at the bottom so you can add that cool Cape SWOOSH pose. The shield does weight down the arm a bit but its very secure. The Stand is meh for me, would be helpful to get a wast clasp. Its heavy. Lots of metal and for a figure slightly taller than a Bandai Metal Build its much heavier.

Overall rating
1. Paint Apps: Very very good. Need to be careful about paint chip since its diecast
2. Build: Very very good. Since its just a figure and there is no transforming parts this figure is very solid. Very good use of Die cast outer and inner frame. Good over all design
3. Posability: Fantastic. Can pull a lot of poses keeping in mind the over all weight distribution. Good light up features in the beam sword.
4. Design. No issues. Not sure about the LineArt but its pretty cool how anatomically accurate it is.
5. Highly recommended