Free shipping! TANAKA MPF-11 Oversized STARSCREAM,4th Party
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Free shipping! TANAKA MPF-11 Oversized STARSCREAM

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Oversized, stands 28CM/11" tall in robot mode. 

With lights. Due to heightened custom requirement, we need to open the box to take the batteries out. But Item is still brand new.  


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Compared with Weijiang MPP10 Optimus Prime


Compared with Takara MP11 Starscream


Customer Reviews
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  • ByFal***
  • Nov 08, 2017
I bought this product after seeing multiple reviews of it being very good for the money and sizing well with the wei jiang optimus. Unfortunately the joints on the leg and wings where lose. I have contracted tf direct asking for a refund and the are completely avoiding giving me a refund and are making excuses that they will contact their supplier. They should have given me an instant refund for a faulty product.

  • Bydal***
  • Junior Member
  • Jul 27, 2017
not to bad if I must say so.. nice size  I'm into the over sized stuff as its easer to look at the detail .we just need more .there is nothing wrong with this Starscream  some fans will disagree but. for me its the size that counts  fast shipping form TF- direct  and great customer service

  • Byfra***
  • Newcomer
  • Jun 17, 2017
Arrived today, from the takara MPF-11 you are starscrem, in the Italian version and the historical dubbing of the series transformers this character is very twisted to both the autorobot and distructor including megatron, but let's go to the model in question, from the TAKARA MPF-11 It's really nice, a really great overssize, compared to the takara tomy certainly such a model is really nice to have it in the collection i suggest it take it.

  • ByGra***
  • May 12, 2017
Good figure, especially for 70 bucks.
Look here how he is: