Free Shipping! YES MODEL YM-04 Conehead MP11NR RAMJET,BB7& YES MODEL
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Free Shipping! YES MODEL YM-04 Conehead MP11NR RAMJET

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  • ByMar***
  • Junior Member
  • Sep 12, 2017
As close as one get to G1 cartoon's version of Ramjet. Decepticon stickers of various sizes included, as well as quite a good amount of typical seeker accessories.

Things are fitting together quite nicely.

  • ByNha***
  • Senior Member
  • Jul 05, 2017
My first YES Model in my collection. Plastic and metals are in great condition and durability. The transforming of the figure is good and the joints are stiff which is a good thing. Lots of accessories came with this model. YES Model did put a sheet of rub on stickers of the Decepticon Logo, 4 big 1 medium and 2 small sizes. Colors of the model were excellent and the painting is great. Overall figure is great!