MASTERPIECE MOVIE SERIES MPM-05 Barricade(Factory Leaking Ver.),MasterPiece
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MASTERPIECE MOVIE SERIES MPM-05 Barricade(Factory Leaking Ver.)

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Masterpiece Movie Series MPM-05 Barricade (Factory leaking version)

Set Features:
- Features Barricade's iconic Rotor Blade Wheel weapon from the TRANSFORMERS film 
- First Movie Masterpiece figure with a Movable Faceplate, allowing fans to play out their favorite scenes from the TRANSFORMERS film 
- Figure built with Die Cast Parts & features 170 Deco Ops with 30 Points of Articulation! 
- Vehicle-mode features Barricade's accurate, licensed vehicle from the TRANSFORMERS film: Saleen S281 Extreme Ford Mustang Police Car 
- Product was designed with ILM Movie CAD Files from the Blockbuster film TRANSFORMERS Figure features most film-accurate conversion to-date!" 
- In partnership with Ta-kara Tomy,a co-branded release of Movie Masterpiece Barricade (MPM-5)

*Please kindly note that the official item(even this factory leacking ver.) is not provided after-sale service.*

Customer Reviews
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  • ByMPM***
  • Mar 23, 2018
This figure is the 3rd release in the MP movie line under the transformers Franchise. The figure has a lot of heft and heavy plastic. It has diecast in the feet and metal around the lower waist swivel piece that runs up the back of the shoulders.

However, the transformation is fiddly, moving pieces out of the way to get things in place, its also a little too complicated in the top half. The upper collar area doesn't peg in and that is where the head is attached, so when you are trying to peg in the back top roof area of the car to the back or chest piece to make it the back of the robot mode is extremely frustrating. Often you push in the collar and head in and constantly need to re-adjust. This causes issues in posing too.

Pieces pop off, like the head and door wings but no issue getting them back on.

You can get some dynamic poses but due to its design its weird looking but this is not fault of the toy. He stands about 7 inches from toe to shoulder. Its in line with the Bumble Bee MP release. So in scale.

Its fairly accurate just the arms are a bit longer than the movie design otherwise its about 90-95% accurate to the line art.

The paint apps are very nice, Beautiful Black gloss along with some silver and light blue accents. What I really like here is how much attention they did with the car lights. In car mode you have the clear parts for the lights with a blue tint and you see the silver light bulbs, in robot mode you only see the sliver bulbs. Simple but very effect.

Overall rating if you like anything Takara MP its a high recommend. If you are a more Transformer traditionalist its a mild recommend.