Shadow Fisher SFM-03 Upgrade Kit for MP-27 Ironhide,New arrival
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Shadow Fisher SFM-03 Upgrade Kit for MP-27 Ironhide

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By Shadow Fisher

This new upgrade kit by Shadow Fisher is for your MP27 Masterpiece Ironhide, the original waist units will be replaced & the new units will be set on both sides of MP27's waist. The chest of MP27 will also be filled, making the figure look decent & much stronger. Your MP27 will be much closer to the G1 design when replacing the SFM03 upgrade kit. The SFM03 Upgrade Kit by Shadow Fisher includes replacement wheel hinges and doors for your MP-27 Masterpiece Ironhide. Includes a screwdriver and screws for the replacement parts add on. 

Set Includes
- 1 Set of Alternate Waist Covers 
- 1 Pair of Alternate Chest Covers 
- 1 x Screwdriver 
- 5 x Replacement Screws 

This is a 3rd party add-on not associated with Hasbro or Takara. Figures sold separately.

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