KuBianBao KBB MP-11T Thundercracker,KBB-KuBianBao
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KuBianBao KBB MP-11T Thundercracker

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  • ByNha***
  • Junior Member
  • Jun 28, 2017
When I received my KuBianBao KBB MP-11T Thundercracker from the mail. The condition of the box was okay with a big dent in on the side with a crease. The contents inside was fine. The figure was excellent! except one of "phase ray gun" ball socket was cracked. So a quick krazy glue fix the ball joint socket and it is back to its glory condition. The figure it self is fantastic. The details, color, paint job and plastics are very good quality. Transformations and Figure Poses are great. The Overall figure is excellent and value.

  • ByAll***
  • Apr 27, 2017
Got this in. Very impressed. The look and feel of plastic is great. Does not feel like a KO. The solidness of the figure seems to actually be a bit better than the original. The upgrades of the bigger tab that locks the chest in place makes it so that it does not seperate quickly and easily like the original. Great product!